The Glasgow JavaScript User Group

Honor is but an empty bubble.

At the moment we have nothing planned for a meetup. To be completely honest, it's either Christmas or I haven't botherd to publish the next meetup.

If it's the latter, I'm sorry. The former? Merry Christmas


We don't think it should be all talks and presentations and we intend to include hack sessions, katas over the meetups.

Any ideas you have for katas or indeed ideas for the meetup in general, please let us know. The Glasgow JS Meetup is 100% aimed at the desires of it's members.

Just tweet at @GLWjs, or email info@glasgowjs.com.


There are really only a few rules about presenting at Glasgow JS.

  1. You show up
  2. You dont mind the talk being recorded, and put online
  3. Slides. Code, Browser, Terminal, it's all good.


If you are interested in speaking at a meetup pass on your details with this form.

You can hit us up on twitter, @GLWjs

Email info@glasgowjs.com.